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Free English Education For Our Workforce 

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What We Do 

We are an educational company that provides weekly English classes for people in California that want to invest in their English education. Our curriculum is uniquely designed to teach business and life skills that can used in the workforce. 

What We Do

Feedback From Our Partners

"English as a Second Language classes have helped our employees learn business English. The classes have promoted a positive collaboration between team members.  Seeing their confidence and pride grow has been incredible! The service these ESL students provide to our guests has enhanced with their strengthened language skills. As an employer, I feel good knowing that we are investing in education for our teammates so they can better accomplish their goals. I cannot thank Outside ESL enough for giving us this opportunity."

-Misty Lindo, Director of Rooms, Surf and Sand Resort

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Our Program 


Outside ESL is a grant based business that provides free English classes for people living in California. Students and teachers meet twice a week for one hour English Lessons. Courses last a total of eight weeks. Each class provides your employees with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the English language and to learn language that is specific to your business. 

Our goal is to ensure all of your employees are able to engage and communicate with your guests. We believe that by teaching your employees English, they will grow both personally and professionally and be more willing to invest their time and effort within your business. 

Our teachers are the core of our program.  Each of our teachers has a background in ESL (English as a second language) education and has experience teaching English either here in the United States or abroad! That’s why we send the best educators to your company to help teach your employees.


Aside from learning English, our teachers pride themselves in creating a positive and fun atmosphere. Inside the class, we focus on building relationships and creating trust. Your employees who enroll in our program will learn together, study together and grow together!

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